Advanced Warehouse Solutions can custom design, manufacture and install a storage solution to suit your individual requirements. A custom designed storage solution is designed and planned from conception with the end efficiency outcomes and improvements well understood. Keeping individual requirements in mind, the custom designs allow for adjustable pallet racking in Melbourne to suit all needs.

Advanced Warehouse Solutions partner with our customers to design a fit for purpose solution. Our focus is on cost minimisation, increased productivity and maximisation of the available floor area through utilising the vertical space available. A full set of design plans are initially created after discussions on site with the customer to ensure the right fit through adjustable pallet racking. Advanced Warehouse Solutions will reach agreement with the customer on the desired outcomes after evaluating material type and capability, capacity of material handling equipment, type of material to be handled and frequency of stock movements.

Because we manufacture our own products in Australia, Advanced Warehouse Solutions is always able to cater to customers’ needs for adjustable pallet racking in Melbourne and neighbouring areas and provide them with the best fit solution to their storage and distribution challenges regardless of the individual complexities.

Advanced Warehouse Solutions is your quality warehousing and materials handling equipment partner. We serve our clients with a dedicated team of professional, well-trained personnel supported by the latest in warehousing technology.

Throughout Australia, we provide services and products that build trust between us and our clients and we look forward to building a similar relationship with your company. We provide assistance with the best and most reliable warehouse and storage solutions. The options for custom designed storage solutions are almost endless please call us to discuss your requirements.



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