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Our Philosophy



Our philosophy at Advanced Warehouse Solutions is to be committed to understanding the specific needs of our clients and create unique and reliable systems that can stand the test of time in the unpredictable wheel of industrial change.

Our products are recognised nationally and Advanced Warehouse Solutions is generally the manufacturer of choice for projects involving integration with existing racking systems. We provide the best solution possible for each and every project and this is the key to our success. Our considerable investment in Research & Development and the ability to individually customise a complete package, ensures that we remain competitive within our industry.

Our position as a niche specialist in the design of efficient storage systems will be sustained through our total commitment to providing the highest possible level of customer service.

Since 1988 we have gained a reputation for the manufacture, design and provision of quality pallet racking, drive-in systems, cantilever racking, customised space saving storage solutions and warehouse materials handling equipment.

The advantage of a partnership with Advanced Warehouse Solutions lies not just in our design abilities, flexibility and local manufacture, but also in the wealth of knowledge and product diversity through our associated companies with whom we revise and expand our capabilities and product range. This gives us the advantage of being a complete warehouse and logistics partner.


Advanced Warehouse Solutions, your local manufacturer “just around the corner”, is setting a course to create an enterprise that is keenly focused on its customers, its strengths and its potential in the Australian market.



With our extensive knowledge and design capabilities we focus upon

          > Establishing and strengthening partnerships with new and existing clientele.

          > Creating new products from active research and development programs.

          > Actively listening to the needs and desires of our customers.

          > Adhering to work place policies in consultation with OH&S bodies.

Our actions are guided by the knowledge that we can only remain competitive by adapting to an ever changing market through continued development and innovation.



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