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Rotacaster multidirectional wheel
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Rotacaster multidirectional wheel

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  • 360 degree movement.
  • Superior load stability.
  • Direct tracking even across inclines.
  • Robust, durable & corrosion resistant.
  • Simple and stable mounting.

The rotacaster is a multidirectional wheel which provides the ability to move in any direction while mounted in a fixed position, using rollers rather than a swivel mount.

Whilst multidirectional wheels are used throughout the world in conveyor applications, the rotacaster is the only one manufactured as a floor wheel, providing the sole alternative to the swivel castor.

Manufactured from engineering grade polymers, the injection moulded web like structure of the wheel and the over-moulded rollers, provide a robust and durable wheel with no pins, inserts or seams, making it ideal for tough environments.

The fixed orientation of the wheel facilitates simple mounting alternatives which are less prone to impact damage and improve load stability. This also allows the wheel to be house within a product with minimal space or clearance requirements.