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WAREHOUSE SHELVING THE AWS WAY – Strong, Durable, Dependable!

Searching for the most reliable warehouse shelving and workbenches? Look no further! Advanced Warehouse Solutions has exactly what you need to organise your warehouse in an effective and affordable manner. We have 15 years’ experience in providing shelving and storage to the Australian market and many satisfied customers to show for it.

Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving system is a sturdy, strong and economical shelving system that is extremely fast to assemble due to the boltless design. The Z-Formed beams incorporate a 16mm step that supports all four sides of the 16mm MDF Board. 
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Open Bay Shelving

Open Bay Shelving, Sturdy welded construction. Welded shelf support strips for extra strength. Full width adjustable shelves. 120kg shelf load capacity. Extra shelves available. 
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Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving is a lightweight, attractive shelving system which has been designed for shops and offices. The shelving system is perfect for archive boxes, stock, etc. 
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Our Work Benches are designed and built to your specific requirements, allowing you the space and versatility you need. The benches can be made totally mobile by being fitted with top quality castors and additional accessories can be easily added, such as 
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Whatever you need

Tell us what you need and we’ll provide it. Pallet racking? Warehouse shelving? Pushback racking? Cantilever shelving and racking? Customised workbenches? No problems! Whatever you need to make your warehouse and workplace tidy, efficient and safe, we can provide it.

Why choose us

With our warehouse shelving solutions, you can:

  • Save space – we customise shelving to maximize the available space in your office or business, with options to eliminate aisles and utilizing the existing vertical space.
  • Increase stock – by using your space more effectively, you can store more stock without paying for additional warehousing or storage facilities.
  • Store anything – our custom design and build service means you can have shelves of whatever size and configuration you need, from single cartons to large pallets and everything in between.
  • Expand easily – we understand that the aim of every business is growth and work with our clients to ensure they can expand to fit their needs.
  • Spend less – as well as being affordable, our warehouse shelving is built to last, reducing repair and replace costs and saving you money in the long run.

Our warehouse shelving offers optimum efficiency for integrated warehouse planning. Advanced Warehouse Solutions is a trusted name in the Australian warehouse community, known for our comprehensive range of shelving, storage and racking systems and commitment to personalised service. With our warehouse shelving systems, efficiency of the whole flow of storage traffic can be optimised. You can choose to have a specific design and we will provide it for you.

Check Advanced Warehouse Solutions’ shelving products and see for yourself why we are among the leading warehouse shelving and storage products supplier. We make it our mission to strive for excellent customer service because your satisfaction is our satisfaction.