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Longspan Shelving
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Longspan Shelving

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Longspan shelving systems are sturdy, strong and economical shelving systems that are extremely fast to assemble due to its "boltless" design. The Z-Formed beams incorporate a 16mm step that supports all four sides of the 16mm MDF Board providing a supporting capacity of 400 Kgs per shelf.

The maximum bay load is 1200kg’s per bay based on 4 shelf levels equally spaced over the 2134mm high bay with one of the levels situated at the bottom.

Our beams are available in six different sizes enabling many combinations of depth and length for each bay. The range consists of the following sizes:
  • L4 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 450mm
  • L5 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 600mm
  • L6 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 900mm
  • L7 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 1200mm
  • L8 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 1500mm
  • L9 – LongSpan Shelving Beam 1800mm

A beam depth of 900mm and above will require extra shelf supports that are available in the following sizes:

  • L90 - LongSpan Shelving Support 900mm
  • L1200 - LongSpan Shelving Support 1200mm

All steel components are powder coated light grey.