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Personnel to Vehicle Proximity Warning
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Personnel to Vehicle Proximity Warning

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Workplace Safety in Action - Finalist EDN Innovation Award 2009

truck2The BodyGuard proximity detection and warning system has been designed to help save lives by lowering the risk of collision between moving objects.

BodyGuard works by setting up an invisible shield around the object being protected. Whenever this invisible shield is penetrated by another object (that is also fitted with a BodyGuard unit), an alarm is activated to warn the driver/operator to pay attention.

The BodyGuard proximity warning system provides an effective method of protecting people, vehicles,machinery and property from injury and damage resulting from collision. The system has wide ranging applications that involve personnel, forklifts, cranes, heavy vehicles and moving machinery.

The BodyGuard proximitydetection and warning system is user-configurable. The user can set the desired protection zone range around each object as required for the application. The typical range is 3m to over 100m.

BodyGuard will detect objects in the presence of smoke, fog or dust and is immune to interference by heat, sound and light. The built-in Detection History Log provides an ideal tool for planning your safety policies and procedures. The log includes the date , time (to nearest second), ID and type of object detected and the relative proximity.

NOTE: Objects or Personnel fitted with BodyGuard are not restricted to use at certain locations, they will operate anywhere they come into contact with other objects that are also fitted with BodyGuard. BodyGuard works when moving items between multiple sites of a company or even between different companies.

Ideal for use in

  • Warehouses
  • Protection of work areas such as bulk packing racks and picking areas
  • Open Cut mines (Large Haul Road trucks, personnel and Utility vehicles)
  • Forestry projects
  • Forecourts
  • Storage Depots
  • Gantry cranes
  • Truck stops
  • Garden Centres
  • Anywhere lowered risk of collision is required
  • Effective Risk Management tool and analysis tool
  • Monitor staff compliance to your safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure your staff are reporting near-miss situations involving personnel and driver exclusion zones such as pedestrian walkways and picking isles.
  • Identify trends in safety non-conformance to enable improvement to your OH&S systems
  • Analyze driving habits of your operators
  • Determine if your process flow or area layout is a contributing factor to near miss situations and use as a tool to develop work areas that are less incident/accident prone
  • Demonstrates your pro-active "duty of care" with regard to safety and well being of your staff

The BodyGuard System has several types of units that may be used in a typical site installation. A small transmitter unit (called a "Personal TAG") can be fitted to a hard-hat, pocket in a vest or an arm-band. The Personal TAG Unit emits a special signal that identifies the type of object (TAG) and a unique serial number. This enables any equipment fitted with a BodyGuard "Sensor Unit" to detect and identify any particular TAG within the programmable proximity detection range and activate a visual/audible warning.

BodyGuard Personal TAG Unit shown in Battery Charger and held in hand for indication of relative size.
(Dimensions: 52mm x 79mm x18mm +Antenna 55mm, Weight: 95grams)

BodyGuard Personal TAG Charging Unit Charge time 3 hours.

  • Built-in rechargeable batteries last over 7 days between charge
  • Battery charger fully charges a personal Tag in 3 hours
  • Water resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Dust proof
  • Light weight
  • Small Size
  • Status indicator shows running and low battery indication
  • Chargers can be "ganged" together for multi-unit charging
  • Detectable from 5m to over 50m from a Sensor unit

Vehicles and Machinery (Such as Forklifts, Haul Road trucks, utility vehicles, cranes, moving machinery etc) can be fitted with a BodyGuard Sensor Unit. The BodyGuard Sensor Unit detects the proximity of other BodyGuard components (such as Personal TAGS , Fixed and Mobile Sensors). In addition to detecting proximity to other objects that have been fitted with BodyGuard devices, the Sensor Unit transmits a specially coded signal that contains the TYPE of vehicle or equipment and its own unique ID.

Each Sensor Unit can be assigned a user-definable GROUP that enables groups of similar types of vehicles or equipment to be processed in the same manner. For example; A Sensor Unit can be set to actrivate the proximity warning for a particular group (or combination of groups) of vehicles but ignore other types of vehicles. Currently, each Sensor Unit can be assigned to 1 of 7 GROUPS. For instance, "Forklift" Type units may be configured to activate a warning when proximity to Personal TAG units are detected but ignore other BodyGuard unit types. Or a Fixed unit that is protecting a work or pedestrian area may activate a warning when "Forklift" or "Truck" Type units are detected but ignore Personal "TAG" type units. The assignment of these custom Groups of units is up to the user to define as required.

The Sensor Units can be programmed for proximity detection ranges from 3m to over 100m.Every BodyGuard Unit can be programmed for different proximity detection ranges for any objects detected. For example: A Forklift unit may activate a proximity warning for a detected Personal TAG unit at say 8m but have the range set for ar Forklift unit at 12m.Each Sensor Unit can have 2 Proximity zones defined. Typically the farthermost proximity zone setting would indicate a "pre-warning", the inner zone would then indicate the "Danger" zone.The Sensor Units have 2 Outputs that can be used to stop a vehicle, slow a vehicle or give external indication to a vehicle management computer or similar.

The Reset Button enables a driver/operator to Acknowledge the proximity alarm activation and also silences the audible warning device until a new proximity scenario exists.The front panel has 2 rows of 5 Visual indicators. These act similar to a level meter in a stereo system and displays presence of other BodyGuard units that have been detected but not yet close enough to have entered the user-defined proximity zone to activate a full-blown alarm.ALL events (proximity detections - both when entry to zone and exit, Reset button pressed etc) are time/date stamped and stored in non-volatile memory for later download and analysis.Optional Attachments include. Impact measurement and recording device, Driver ID (Swipe Card)