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Fork Alert

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The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) is a unique system in use world wide that utilizes Infrared Technology to warn pedestrians of approaching forklifts and/or mobile plant equipment.

The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) gives an early, specific warning that a forklift is approaching in what may otherwise be an area that the forklift is not yet visible. Most commonly used in "black spot" applications, The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) can also be used to open doors, prevent forklifts with high masts from entering low doorways and can be applied to cranes and heavy mining machinery.

How does it work?

Each forklift is fitted with a trasmitter (Beacon) that sweeps a coded infrared (No RF) beam around the forklift and transmits downwards (-20°) and upwards(+60°). Note: This beam is invisible

When a trasmitter (Beacon) gets within the range of a strategically placed receiver......The Receiver (via a Controller unit) triggers an audible or visible alarm, a barrier, automatic doors, boom gates, etc.

How The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) is used

The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) is used in "Black Spots" or "Danger Areas" of the plant. It is most effective when only used in these types of high danger areas.

Designed to support sites with high turnover of forklifts or rental equipment, have a veriety of different vehicles used where the approaching Forklift cannot be seen until it is almost upon the pedestrian, Fork-Alert Motion is great safety solution for:

  • Blind corners
  • Shared doorways
  • Doorways that open into fork traffic areas
  • Racking aisles
  • Workstations where forklifts come in around employees to drop off materials

Safety Considerations

Statistics indicate*:

61% of forklift related deaths involve pedestarians. There is one workplace injury claim DAILY relating to forklifts. These claims result in pay-outs of over $20,000 each. A "serious" accident can cost a company more than $200,000

New guidelines from many authorities have specified the need for systems such as the Fork-Alert system to warn predestrian of the imminent danger a forklift poses.

*Workcover Victoria Statistics

Advanced Warning

The Fork-Alert ™ (Amskan) give pedestrian at least 4 seconds of warning of an approaching forklift to ensure they are in safe location.