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Global Organic Spill Kits
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Global Organic Spill Kits

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100% Organic Range

The absorbent components of these Organic Spill Kits are manufactured from natural materials, allowing the used absorbents (if permitted) to be land-farmed. Being organic, the used absorbents can be biodegraded at a suitable and approved land farm facility to minimize disposal costs.

Kits include a variety of Hisorb™ organic cotton absorbents that are able to absorb up to 25 times their own weight in oil. Hisorb™ has a fast wicking action to rapidly soak up only oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents and other hydrocarbons, whilst repelling water (hydrophobic). They are lightweight, easy to use, clean, non allergenic and dust free, making them perfect for use in today’s modern workplace.

SKH240O - Organic Cotton Spill Kit (330 litre absorbent capacity)

  • Mobile 240 litre spill kit for fast, rapid spill response.
  • Light green for easy identification.

SKH120O - Organic Cotton Spill Kit (220 litre absorbent capacity)

  • For smaller workshops and warehouses, this light green 120 litre wheelie bin kit is ideal.

SKHSSO - Station Organic Cotton Spill Kit (104 litre absorbent capacity)

  • Great all round kit for a range of vehicle sizes.

SKPPO - Organic Cotton Pack Spill Kit (69 litre absorbent capacity)

•  Small and compact with a big punch. Throw in the back of a vehicle and take directly to the spill.