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Oil & Fuel Spill Kits - Budget Range
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Oil & Fuel Spill Kits - Budget Range

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Housed in durable wheelie bins, Global Budget Kits provide peace of mind in the event of a small or infrequent spill. Best suited for spills on concrete or bitumen, use in workshops, small factories, auto repair shops and small manufacturing facilities.

Many companies through good housekeeping and operational management can minimize or even eliminate the potential for spillage. However, they still need to comply with the regulatory authorities or their own environmental requirements. For these customers, choose from the Global Budget Range of economically priced spill kits.

Kits include absorbent booms, wipes and Budgetsorb, an organic, absorbent particulate that is non-abrasive and non leaching. Budgetsorb is lightweight, economical, easy to use and can be placed on and around a spill to ‘solidify’ and absorb.

Budget kits have appropriate, prominent signage and are supplied with re-order form & instructions for use.

SKHBR240 - Budget Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

90 litre absorbent capacity

  • Highly visible and mobile spill kit for small or irregular spills.
  • Contains a variety of absorbents housed in a 240 litre wheelie bin.

SKHBR120 - Budget Oil & Fuel Spill Kit

55 litre absorbent capacity

  • Use for small workshops and factory units.
  • Contains a basic selection of absorbents housed in a 120 litre wheelie bin.