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Hazchem Spill Kits

In today’s environmentally aware world, chemical or hazardous liquid spills not only affect the environment, but impact on plant, machinery and safety in the workplace. The control, containment and clean up of these chemical spills is therefore, essential for companies to meet their environmental and safety obligations.

Hazchem Spill Kits contain a variety of Unisorb™ polypropylene absorbents able to absorb up to 20 times their own weight in liquid. Unisorb™ is an inert, dust free, surface modified polypropylene which does not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids. Unisorb™ has a fast wicking action to rapidly soak up spills, reducing potential slip hazards and improving safety in the workplace. Unisorb™ is colour coded pink for easy identification.


Hazchem Spill Kits - Bag & Drum Kits

A range of highly visible Spill Response Kits that go virtually anywhere, these Hazchem Bag Spill Kits are ideal to stowaway behind your truck seat, in trailers, work vehicle cabs and trays or hung on the factory wall in an easily accessible location. 
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Hazchem Spill Kits - Specialty Kits

Global Specialty Hazchem Spill Kits have been designed and purpose built for specific applications. Whether you are operating forklifts or working with battery acid, mercury or biological materials, this range of spill kits provides excellent response. 
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Hazchem Spill Kits - Wheelie Bins

Global Hazchem Wheelie Bin Spill Kits are durable, highly visible, mobile response kits that can be taken directly to the spill. They are ideal for chemical processing plants, paint & panel shops, workshops, warehouses and laboratories. 
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