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Hazchem Spill Kits - Wheelie Bins
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Hazchem Spill Kits - Wheelie Bins

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Global Hazchem Wheelie Bin Spill Kits are durable, highly visible, mobile response kits that can be taken directly to the spill. They are ideal for chemical processing plants, paint & panel shops, workshops, warehouses and laboratories or wherever chemicals are transported, stored and dispensed. Use for virtually all chemicals, aggressive acids and bases (alkalis), paint, solvents, oils, fuels, coolants, degreasers, herbicides and pesticides.

SKC240 - Hazchem Spill Kit

375 litre absorbent capacity

  • High capacity front line spill kit for large hazardous liquid spills.
  • Packed with booms, pillows, pads and particulate absorbents all housed in an orange 240 litre wheelie bin.

SKC120 - Hazchem Spill Kit

185 litre absorbent capacity

  • For small workshops, warehouses and laboratories, this 120 litre wheelie bin kit is ideal.
  • Respond to smaller spills quickly with this kit packed with hazchem absorbents.


All Spill Kit components are replaceable individually or as a ‘Refill Kit’.

Absorbent capacities stated are based on viscous liquids. For thin liquids (eg hydrochloric acid), the absorbent capacity will be approximately half.

The suitability of our products with specific chemicals should be confirmed by referencing the MSDS, a compatibility chart or sample testing.