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Dynamic Storage

The AWS product range in the Dynamic Storage Business Unit is classified into 2 families: Pallet Flow and Carton Flow. Both families contain the specific product "Roller Flow" and "Wheel Flow". In addition, Pallet Flow includes the product "Cart Pushback".

Flow storage systems are space saving and compact- there are no intermediate aisles, but only one input and one output aisle. All products are available by the shortest route in one aisle. It is the fastest and most cost-effective distribution system for assorted products. Flow storage provides simple, structured stock control with unlimited flexibility and tailor made design and layout.
A conventional system needs double as much space and more aisles, meaning 7 to 8 times longer travel routes for the operators. Consequently, more forklift truck drivers are needed and retrieval and dispatch takes much more time.



In FIFO configuration (First-In-First-Out), the pallets are loaded in the gravity lanes on the entry side (the highest point). The slope then carries the pallets from the loading point to the retrieval point. When a pallet is unloaded, the next pallet automatically takes its place thereby ensuring that the goods are constantly available.
FIFO stock management guarantees stock rotation as the first pallet to be loaded in a lane is the first pallet available at the picking face on the retrieval side.
This management method is particularly efficient for perishable goods.


•  automatic control by date
•  automatic control by quantity
•  first in - first out (Fi-Fo)
•  permanent inventory control
•  guaranteed dynamic inventory (not static)
•  very compact and space saving: conventional storage systems use 60 to 100% more space
•  no intermediate aisles: only one for loading and replenishment and one for unloading or picking.
•  fast handling and picking: goods are always available at the picking place.
•  low maintenance.
•  no energy consumption.
•  long life expectancy.
•  high rentability: ROI mostly in less than 2 years.
•  low labour costs: less operators needed.
•  reduced forklift truck operation.
•  long experience in design, consulting, quality and installation based on more than 1.5 million pallet positions built and installed in the last 25 years.

Carton Flow - Roller Flow

Carton Flow - Roller Flow, FIFO light. For totes, trays and cartons Particular features: Designed for loads in the medium weight category. Equipped with a continuous row of aluminium rollers in sturdy side profiles. Retrofitting: conventional racking can 
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Carton Flow - Wheel Flow

Carton Flow - Wheel Flow, Pick king in any industry. Particular features: Multilevel beds with ergonomic features including drop-out trays/carton tilt. High capacity rollers made from high density polyethylene. To be easily integrated in existing installa 
Product Details...

Pallet Flow - Cart Pushback

Pallet Flow - Cart Pushback, Versatile and robust solution for LIFO applications. Particular features: Slide-in carts to handle a diverse range of storage containers and load carriers. pallet movements are operator assisted using gravity 
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Pallet Flow - Roller Flow

Pallet Flow - Roller Flow. You’ve got the pallet, we’ve got the solution. Flow storage modules for lanes of up to 41 pallet positions. Integrated safety separators and speed controllers. Solutions for both FIFO (First-In-First-Out) and LIFO (Last-In-Fir 
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Pallet Flow - Wheel Flow

Pallet Flow - Wheel Flow. The solution for crossway storage Particular features: Individual lanes fitted with wheeled tracks instead of full width rollers. Tandem speed controller integrated aluminium impact and polycarbonate wheels. 
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