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Companion Tools

A key element to the success of the ShockWatch Shipping and Handling Monitors is the supporting ShockWatch Program of Companion Tools.  Used in conjunction with the indicator labels, clips, temperature and tilt indicators (and other Shockwatch Special Handling devices), these Companion Tools include alert stickers, caution tape, posters, and supporting documentation.

The ShockWatch Program of Companion Tools includes the following:

Bill of Lading Alert Sticker:
Affixed to the Bill of Lading, it cautions the carrier and consignee that the shipment is monitored and reminds them to inspect the shipment for damage. These complimentary stickers are included with your order for ShockWatch Impact Labels.

Tiltwatch Companion Label:
Fitted over the Tiltwatch Tilt Indicator, the Tiltwatch Companion Label provides an additional visual warning and instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs and indicates the correct way up that the monitored shipment is to be maintained. The Tiltwatch Indicator protrudes through a cut-out in the Tiltwatch Companion Label in the middle of the "Keep Upright" sign.

ShockWatch Companion Labels:
These Companion Labels provide an additional visual warning of a monitored shipment with instructions of what to do if mishandling occurs. The ShockWatch Companion Label is stuck on the outside of the package to be shipped and the Shockwatch coloured Impact Indicator Label or the MAG2000 is placed on the corresponding footprint printed on the labels, to draw attention to its special handling procedures.

Alert or Caution Tape:
Strong PVC Tape, it provides an additional visual warning against mishandling when it is applied to hold down the flaps of a box. The Alert or Caution Tape comes in a roll  50mm wide and 66 metres long.

When affixed alongside the shipping and handling monitor products, the Companion Tools provide a highly visible notification to handlers that the product is being monitored and provide an indication to receivers when mishandling of goods has occurred.