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SHOCKWATCH Impact Indicators
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SHOCKWATCH Impact Indicators

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ShockWatch Labels, Clips, and Tubes:

ShockWatch Impact Indicator devices contain a tube filled with red liquid held in suspension. When these innovative, proprietary devices are subjected to an impact exceeding a specified G-level, the shock disrupts the surface tension of the liquid, releasing the highly visible red dye into the length of the tube, creating a permanent and immediate indication of mishandling. Normal movement or road vibration will not  affect the device and  once activated, the device cannot be reset.

Available in label, clip, or tube form, these devices can be affixed to product packaging directly onto the product itself, or incorporated into the product design, giving you the flexibility to prevent damage on virtually any goods requiring care during shipping and handling. Use the ShockWatch Impact Indicator to conduct quality assurance inspections designed to promote zero-defect shipping. By monitoring your goods, these devices can be used to prevent warranty abuse.

As an education tool, these products can influence the behaviour of handlers during the manufacturing and shipping process. They can also aid in assuring product integrity and serve as a testing mechanism in comparing packaging.

Label: Available in five sensitivities, as indicated by the five different colours — simply match the sensitivity of the label to the level of impact the product and packaging can withstand. Activation indicates an impact beyond the predetermined level.

Clip: Designed to mount directly onto a product or container, the clip is compact and economical — providing damage reduction whenever and wherever your products are handled.

Double Clip: Similar to the Clip, this device provides 360 degree impact detection.

Mini-Clip: Using the same technology as the Clip, the Mini-Clip offers a reduced footprint – providing reliable impact detection to smaller products, allowing you to pinpoint areas of concern during the shipping and handling process.

Multi-G Clip: A version of the clip product, the ShockWatch Multi-G Clip is a unique, cost-effective shock diagnostic tool for packaging engineers, distribution analysts, product designers, and manufacturing engineers. It is designed for determining package sensitivity during drop testing. The clear acrylic housing incorporates three tube sensitivities into a single unit to indicate a customisable low, medium, and high sensitivity to impact.

MAG 2000 — This cost-efficient, resettable, reusable, and tamper-proof device monitors the handling of fragile goods and freight containers over 45kgs. When an impact occurs, the device records the direction and angle of impact.

The MAG 2000 utilizes two highly sensitive magnets triggered when a shock or vibration is strong enough to disrupt the magnetic attraction. This causes the upper magnet to move from its home position and appear in a new visible position within the unit. The position of the upper magnet clearly indicates the angle of impact.

A special key is supplied to unlock the cover on the unit. This allows the product to be reset after activation, and prevents tampering.

The activation point is factory set, with 10 standard activation values;
2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 7G, 10G, 11G, 16G, and 20G.