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SHOCKWATCH - Damage Prevention
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SHOCKWATCH - Damage Prevention

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If it's Shipped, Handled, Stored, Driven, Operated or Maintained, We're On it.

More than 30 years ago, ShockWatch turned a simple idea into a global resource. The company's very first proprietary indicators were used to detect mishandling of sensitive computer equipment in transit. ShockWatch’s product, a highly visible impact sensor embedded into a label affixed directly to the shipment, enabled potentially damaging shocks to be detected and pointed out to the receiver. This simple concept was so effective that it soon became clear that this device created an effective visual deterrent to damage throughout the shipping and handling process. In short, its mere presence actually changed the behavior of the handler, leading to a reduction in damage-related costs.

Additional technology was developed for many other applications and soon ShockWatch introduced the marketplace to a whole new class of products: Damage Prevention. Within this class, ShockWatch has developed a range of Shipping and Handling Monitors that include, heat sensors, tilt indicators, and other devices capable of recording impact and environmental information such as velocity, time, temperature, direction and even usage.

One of the primary strengths of these ShockWatch Shipping and Handling Monitors is their high visibility. Embedded into a label, clip, or device and affixed directly onto your shipment and/or product, ShockWatch Shipping and Handling Monitors stand out and demand attention. Even from a distance, the message is clear — “Protected by ShockWatch”. Handlers immediately know that special care is required, and that any mishandling will be recorded.

This high visibility applies not only to handlers, but receivers as well. The presence of a ShockWatch Label makes it immediately clear to receivers that their goods have been well-protected and that they have reason to trust your products from dock to dock.

Take control of your goods in transit. Safeguard them from impact, tilting, or exposure to extreme environmental conditions. Take the risk out of your shipments by keeping an eye on them every step of the way. ShockWatch Shipping & Handling Monitors help prevent mishandling — no matter what you are shipping or where it is going.