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Belt Conveyors/Extendable Truck Loaders

Belt conveyors suit the movement of goods on flat or elevated surfaces where the speed of travel and the spacing of goods require control. They play an important role in the manufacturing process including the transport of raw materials and components. 
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Compact Corner Units and Merges

This type of Corner Unit and Merge system is ideal for connecting two parallel conveyors through a tight 180 degree turn, or where space limitations prohibit the use of conventional 90 degree or 180 degree curved modules. 
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Fairglide Shaft Driven Roller Conveyors

One of the most useful and economical conveyors to incorporate into an automated system design is our FairGLIDE line shaft driven conveyor. 
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Gravity Conveyor Systems

Gravity conveyor modules are designed for most types of manufacturing and material handling systems. Our gravity conveyor system is one of the most efficient, both mechanically and economically. Quite often conveyor systems need to be modular and flexible 
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Gravity Curves

In addition to straight conveyor beds, we offer other types of conveyor beds to accommodate different factory layouts. The second most popular type of conveyor bed is the curved conveyor bed. They are usually bolted onto straight beds. 
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Heavy Duty Gravity Conveyor

Heavy duty welded structures, Roller pitch designed to suit product load or pallet base configuration, Can be end or side loaded or unloaded depending on construction of pallet base. 
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Hymo Scissor

Hymo Scissor lifts are electromechanical lift tables extensively used in the industrial world for lifting and precision positioning. The lifting range varies from 500kg to 20 tonnes depending on the capacity of the lift. 
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Inclined Modula Belt

This product is mainly used in the food processing industry. This type of conveyor is designed to convey food by batches. The design of the thermoplastic belt ensures the water is kept out. 
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Line Shaft Beds

The two most common types of Line Shaft beds are the straight and curved modules. Straight beds come in two standard sizes, 1.5m and 3m overall length and three standard widths, 12, 18 and 24 inch. 
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Mobile Booster Belts

A Mobile Booster Conveyor system can assist in the loading and unloading of vehicles in restricted access locations, will suits small to medium freight handling jobs and can be easily manoeuvred by one person. 
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