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Rollex Bearings and Spare Parts
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Rollex Bearings and Spare Parts

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We distribute and assemble one of the world’s leading range of food and sanitary conveyor components from Rollex Forderelemente GMBH of Germany. Rollex replacement parts can be easily fitted to plastic or stainless steel tubing and axle materials in new or existing conveyor frames.

Rollex Components - Provide these options:

  • Roller Bearings in sizes 089mm
  • Idler bearings and driven styles
  • Stainless Steel Balls used in construction
  • High quality sealed styles are available
  • Non-bearing sanitary bush styles
  • Sprockets drive heads in a fixed or friction accumulating drive
  • Single and duplex sprockets

Composite Polymers and stainless steel sprockets

  • Universal multi-directional rollers 048-0129mm