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Belt Conveyors/Extendable Truck Loaders
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Belt Conveyors/Extendable Truck Loaders

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Belt conveyors suit the movement of goods on flat or elevated surfaces where the speed of travel and the spacing of goods require control. They play an important role in the manufacturing process, transporting raw materials and components to assembly and shipping finished products to dispatch.

Belt conveyors are flexible and can be designed to be fixed, portable or telescopic, for either horizontal applications or inclinations between floors and mezzanines. Our conveyors provide smooth transportation from the most fragile component to the largest, heavy item.

Extendable Truck Loaders

The Extendable Gravity Convey/Truck Loader has the following characteristics:

  • Ideal for small and medium freight handling
  • Easily manoeuvred by one person
  • Extendable and retractable using a single hand movement
  • Up to four-stage units are available to 12 metres fully extended