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Choosing A Spill Kit
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Choosing A Spill Kit

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What does a Spill Kit contain?

Global Spill Kits contain a range of absorbents and accessories that allow operators to quickly contain and clean up spills. Global Spill Kits are available in a huge range of sizes and types to ensure a ‘fit for purpose’ Spill Kit is on hand to help company’s minimise risk and meet their environmental obligations.

The range of Global Spill Kits is able to deal effectively and rapidly with a spill, no matter what the type of spill and surface. Global Spill Kits can be supplied in a range of standard containers from wheelie bins to carry bags and include a variety of absorbents designed, manufactured and colour coded for a specific task. A typical Global Spill Kit contains:

  • Booms– to contain and divert the spill
  • Pillows– to contain & absorb the spill
  • Pads– to absorb & clean up the spill
  • Particulate– to contain & absorb the spill
  • Gloves/Protective Gear– for safe handling and clean up
  • Disposal Bags– for safe disposal of used absorbents

What size or absorbent capacity of Spill Kit do I choose?

Global Spill kits should be chosen to cope with the most likely spill event, not necessarily the total amount of liquid present. The kit should also have adequate absorbent capacity for the type and viscosity of the liquid present (eg gear oil absorbency will be approximately double than that of diesel). All Global Spill Kits are realistically rated for viscous liquids.

Which type of Spill Kit do I choose?

The type of liquid and the surface it falls on are important considerations when selecting a spill kit. Global Spill Kits are available from the following categories:

General Purpose Spill Kits - use with all liquids including coolants, degreasers, paint, beverage products, mild acids/alkalis and even bodily fluids.

Hazchem Spill Kits - specific range of spill kits for chemicals, hazardous liquids, aggressive acids and alkalis.

Maintenance Spill Kits - purpose made kits for small regular everyday spills.

Oil & Fuel Spill Kits - for use with oil, fuel, diesel, petrol and solvents based spills.

Organic Spill Kits - 100% organic absorbents biodegrade naturally – used absorbents can be land farmed.

Why you will love buying a Global Spill Kit!

Re-Order Form– re-order forms are included to ensure the components used can easily be ordered and replaced.

Spill Kit Instructions– instructions for use (written and pictorial) are provided in each and every kit.

Document Holder– wheelie bin kits have a document holder fixed to the inside back of the bin. This pocket provides an essential area to hold the spill kit instructions and reorder forms as well as additional audit or reporting forms.

Audit Tags– all wheelie bin kits have specially designed audit tags to readily identify when a spill kit has been accessed or used.

Labels– all wheelie bin kits are fitted with prominent colour coded UV stable labels. The ID label on the front of the bin readily identifies the kit whilst the side label provides clear and concise Emergency Response instructions.