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Butler Mobile Storage Units

MSUs are storage racks that enable dynamic re-slotting and ensure up to 50% higher volumetric storage utilization. MSUs are available in over 300 variants and each with capacity of 1.98 cbm and can store big and small cases, individual items, apparel, and 
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Butler Pick-Put Stations

Pick-Put-to-Light (PPTL) system is GreyOrange’s proprietary technology that improves operators productivity and boosts accuracy. The directed picking, putaway and sorting processes help operator minimize errors, speed up the cycle and improve order proces 
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Butler Robots

BUTLER ROBOTS Butler Robots bring inventory stored in racks to the operator. With the throughput of up to 600 picks per hour per picker, the system improves productivity by 8-10 times. 
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Butler Smart Charging Station

Butler robots automatically dock at the smart charging stations and recharge themselves, when they are idle or low on power. A full charge of 30 minutes ensures upto 8 hours of operation. 
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Butler System

Achieve lower warehousing cost, accurate and faster order fulfilment, higher inventory traceability. Automate inventory put-away, replenishment and picking operations with GreyOrange Butler. 
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Butler Warehouse Control System

BWCS controls the entire Butler system, ensuring error-free order fulfillment and inventory traceability. Its artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms optimize inventory storage and throughput in real-time. The system seamlessly integrates wit 
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Handling the flow of pallets, containers, boxes or other products in a fully automated warehouse reduces the cost of labour, while making a safe data tracking system available. 
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Linear Sorter

The GreyOrange Linear Sorter is built on the backbone of tried and tested pneumatic arms technology with next-generation of IoT sensors and advanced software, offering unmatched throughputs, package-handling capability and reliability. It routes packages  
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Drawer-type warehouses MODULA® and CUBE have been designed to maximize those features of modularity, utilization, flexibility, capacity and operating speeds inherent in any automated warehouse system. 
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Modula® Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

The Modula® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is a vertical space saving, automated storage and retrieval machine designed to optimize space and manage picking and rapid retrieval of parts, components, semi-finished and finished goods. 
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