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Butler System
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Butler System

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Achieve lower warehousing cost, accurate and faster order fulfilment, higher inventory traceability. Automate inventory put-away, replenishment and picking operations with GreyOrange Butler.
Make your supply chain competitive with a network of efficient, flexible and scalable warehouses powered by GreyOrange Butler. Combine goods-to-person robotics with artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, sophisticated sensors, and seamless human-machine interactions. Get ready for Industry 4.0!

Four Design Pillars of The Butler System

Intelligent Warehousing
• Order consolidation
• Smart storage allocation and improved volumetric utilization
• Real-time ABC analysis and popularity, velocity-based rack placement
• Real-time stock check and audits
• Intelligent auto-charging

Ease of Use and Adaptability
• Accommodates workflows as per customer’s warehouse
• Seamless integration with enterprise systems
• Supports warehouse fulfilment and inventory management policies
• Adaptable to both greenfield and brownfield warehouse environments
• Real-time visualization and reporting 

Scalability and Flexibility
• Bi-directional growth in storage and processing capacity
• Versatility in managing SKUs
• Handles variable demand and peaks
• Allows various packaging types
• Supports units, totes, bins, cases and other storage containers

System Components
• AI-powered intelligent robot that navigates through the warehouse and brings racks to the operator
• Carries payload up to 500kg
• Runs at up to 1.5 meters/sec
• Supports throughput of up to 600* picks per hour per picker 

The Butler Robot Smart Charging Station
• Butler robots automatically dock at the charging station and recharge themselves, when they are idle or low on power
• Intelligent charging algorithm that enables opportunity charging
• A full charge of 30 minutes ensures up to 8 hours of operation, while a quick charge of 5 minutes ensures 5 hours of continuous operations

Mobile Storage Units
• Store big and small cases, individual items, apparel, and many more types
• Ability to reconfigure when inventory characteristics change over time
• Available in over 300 variants and each with a typical capacity of 2 cbm
• Ensure up to 60% higher volumetric storage utilization, with n-deep
• Ergonomically designed multi-purpose workstation for high-speed, error-free Put, Pick, Audit and Returns operations
• Accelerates operator productivity by 8-10 times
• Enables Operator to fulfil up to 48 orders simultaneously using GreyOrange’s proprietary Pick-Put-To-Light (PPTL) technology
• Efficient pick-to-pack integration

Pick-Put Stations
• Orchestrates hardware agents and smart sensors by leveraging artificial intelligence to optimise business metrics based on diverse operational parameters
• Intelligently manages a fleet of hundreds of robots for efficient inventory movement, storage and retrieval in large- to medium-scale warehouses
• Seamlessly integrates with customers’ WMS, ERP as well as material handling systems