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Oil & Fuel Absorbent MatsOil & Fuel Absorbent Organic Pads & Mats.

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Organic Booms
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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Organic Booms

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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Organic Booms

• Highly flexible - mould around plant & machinery or push under pallets.

• Use to block and divert spills from entering waterways & drains.

• GLB booms have an outer mesh sleeve making them ideal for deployment on ponds, rivers, dams or harbours.

Hisorb organic cotton absorbents are able to absorb up to 25 times their own weight in oil. Hisorb has a fast wicking action to rapidly soak up only oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, solvents and other hydrocarbons, whilst repelling water (hydrophobic). They are lightweight, easy to use, non allergenic and dust free, making them perfect for use in today’s modern workplace.