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Non Toxic Dust Mask (50 Pack)Oil & Fuel Absorbent Organic Booms

Oil & Fuel Absorbent Mats
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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Mats

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Oil & Fuel Absorbent Mats.

• Larger than pads, mats are ideal for bigger spills or for greater surface area


Colour coded white for easy identification, Envirosorb™ Oil & Fuel absorbents are the modern day replacement for rags, kitty litter, saw dust or other ineffective absorbents.

• Made from meltblown polypropylene with exceptional oil/fuel absorbency.

• Able to recover up to 20 times their own weight in oil by encapsulating the oil within the fine fibres.

• Fast wicking action for quick clean up - reduces potential slip hazards and improves safety in the workplace.

• Light weight, easy to use, non allergenic & dust free.

• High absorbency to weight ratio resulting in lower transport & disposal costs of the used absorbents.

• Can be squeezed and re-used once saturated with oil.

• Water repellent (hydrophobic) making them suitable for use in the rain or to float on water to absorb oil & fuel only.